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Review and analyse existing forensic computing practice legislation and education

Work Package Details

Related Assumptions and Risks: 

Political instability and conflicts may create operational risks for the project. Some of these risks can be lessened by the team meeting virtually and working on-line without face-to-face meetings. As an internal risk there might be differences in understandings and expectations of the different partners. This risk can be minimized by regular meetings and by a sensitive monitoring process.


This work package will focus on reviewing current digital crime legislation, curricula and current practices in involved EU partners and in a wider EU context. It will also survey and analyses the level of the public awareness of e-crimes threats and related laws.


(1.1) Investigate national regulations and legislation regarding digital crime

(1.2) Analyses of the existing level of digital security public awareness in Palestine and Jordan

(1.3) Analysis of the current practices of digital security and education in Palestine and Jordan to identify crucial points and weaknesses

(1.4) Forensic Computing Planning Workshop