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Quality Control and monitoring

Work Package Details

Quality Plan
Related Assumptions and Risks: 

Continued support and commitment from partner country universities management to implement the Forensic Computing pathway. Timely completion of tasks, activities, particularly evaluation activities.


This work package will ensure the adherence of all project aspects and outputs to the quality assurance (QA) mechanisms. A Quality plan document that defines the QA procedures for the project will be produced and agreed upon early in the phase of the project. The QA procedures will ensure that all deliverables comply with the contract. The Plan will define in details the requirements, protocol, best practices for the main processes, including performance of WPs, tasks, preparation and review of deliverable, organisation of meetings and workshops, and dissemination activities, of face-2-face, website, brochures, posters, presentations and social media. The plan will set templates for different types of projects outputs, and usage guidelines for project documents, and reports.

The WP leader will be responsible for the management of the quality plan, and the quality control of the deliverables before submission to the EC, by implementing an internal review process within the consortium with review responsivities assigned to selected reviewers from this work package participating partners.

In addition to that an external evaluator who is expert in the filed of forensics computing will review all the project outcomes and deliverables and generate an evaluation report that provide an objective view of the results of the project and the process through which they were achieved and inform the Final Report to the EC. Professor Cesare Maioli, is a full professor of Computers and Law at the University of Bologna since 2003. He is designer, consultant, technical expert in many fields of technical and legal issues of computer forensics. He was General Director of Information and communication systems of Regione Emilia-Romagna (1997-2001). He was a Consultant and project leading since 1989 of he European programs on document management who has the experience of managing a large multi-country EU project. UNICA (Project Coordinator) is responsible to sub-contract with the External Evaluator

Moreover, students' needs and participation will be taken in consideration in evaluating and monitoring the program development.


4.1 Definition of a quality framework for the project
4.2 Implementing project quality assurance control process
4.3 Generation of project quality reports