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ICTCS’17 /Amman

Event/News Date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Event Place: 
Amman Jordan

The International Conference on new Trends in Computing Sciences (ICTCS2017) was organized by the King Hussein School for Computing Science in Princess Sumaya University for Technology with the support of the Scientific Research Support Fund (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Jordan).


The conference was held in Amman-Jordan from 11-13 October 2017. More than 120 participants attended the conference which featured 55 scientific papers and 5 technical workshops. Major areas covered at the conference include:


Area 1: Computer and Network Security: Botnet Detection and Prevention, Forensic Investigation of the IoT, Big Data Forensics, Cloud Computing Security, Network Flow Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Mobile Security, Digital Forensics and Anti-Forensics, Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics, Wireless Network

Area 2: Data Science and Big Data: Evolutionary Computation, Big Data Analytics, Information Retrieval for Big Data, Social Network Analysis and Mining, Data and Text Mining, Data Analysis and Visualization, Computational Statistics and Modeling, Data Engineering, Mining Massive Data, Data Visualization


Area 3: Natural Language Processing: Semantic Processing, Lexical Semantics, Ontology, Latent Semantic Analysis, Linguistic Resources, Paraphrasing, Language Generation, Text Entailment, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Question Answering, Speech Analysis and Recognition, Arabic Natural Language Processing


Area 4: Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation, Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Systems, Expert Systems, Computer Vision, Neural Networks and Applications, Pattern Recognition, Automated Problem Solving


Area 5: Software Engineering: Software Engineering for Mobile Apps, Software Engineering for Cloud, Software Engineering for IoT, DevOps, Secure Software Development, Software Quality Management, Architectural risk analysis, Search based software engineering, Code review using static analysis tools


Area 6: Internet of Things (IoT): Architectures and protocols for the IoT, IoT new designs and architectures, IoT/M2M Management, Interoperability of IoT systems, IoT applications, Security, Identity

and privacy of IoT, Reliability of IoT , Scalability issues for IoT networks, Disaster recovery in IoT


The FORC Capacity Building Workshop was organized part of ICTCS’17 to allow project partners to meet with representatives of external experts, academics, industrial representatives, officials, and student associations' representative. The workshop was planned in June 2017 but we opted to delay it till October to have the chance to do it with ICTCS’17 to gather larger audience.